10 Common Problems with Locks

Problems with Locks

Locks are the most common security tools which we need to secure our homes or offices from illegal or unwanted intrusions. As we know where there are tools, there are problems with those things, and so are with our residential or automotive locks. Did you ever notice Problems with Locks used for your residential or car doors? Probably, you might have experienced with a few issues with the locks, but you hardly paid any attention thinking that those locks are still okay. Well, you may need to know what problems can make your locks totally ineffective. Make sure you acknowledge that you need your locks to work just in the way you want. This content will reveal ten of the most critical problems with door locks.

#1: Do your locks work slowly?

Exterior locks are often likely to freeze while interior locks may catch dirt. In the long run, small parts of the internal section may break or wear out. So, your locks work a bit slowly.

#2: Did you get the lock cylinder turned entirely?

One day, you might find that the cylinder of your door locks just turned as the setscrew(s) which should have held it in the right place suddenly got broken. So, you cannot use the key to open the door. It can be a persistent problem with locks if left untreated.

Problems with Locks

#3: Is it the improper latch of lock?

The latch may not be in proper alignment with the strike plate. When these two parts get without alignment, the door latch does not usually click into its position. So, you have got an improper door latch and already started suffering from one of the notorious Problems with Locks.

Unlike all other mechanisms, the locks of your door can simply stop working accurately at inopportune times. There are some problems with door locks which you may face when using the keys. Initially, you should not think that you are using keys inappropriately. Let’s know what Problems with Locks may annoy you when using the keys.

#4: You cannot turn the key easily, right?

Sometimes, you may find that you cannot turn the keys easily. Maybe, it has got stuck or become too hard for you to turn.

#5: Your key turns but it is still ineffective, right?

At times, you may discover that the key you inserted turns easily, but it does not unlock or lock the door. So, you have to determine that the internal mechanism of the lock has already failed.

#6: You cannot insert the key into the door lock, right?

In addition to the above issues, you may also find that you cannot insert the key into your door lock. It may happen because you have not inserted the right key or something got stuck on the lock cylinder of the lock.

#7: Does the key fit in your lock?

Lack of proper fitting may also cause Problems with Locks. You have to check to see if the key which you have chosen correctly fits properly in the door lock. Any rough spot or inconsistency inside the lock may be the cause.

#8: You cannot fully insert your key, right?

You have brought the right key and also made accurate attempts to insert it, but soon, you have discovered that you have inserted the key half or you have not yet inserted it in spite of trying hard. So, try to look into the lock cylinder. Probably, you or other people who use the lock left broken keys in the lock.

#9: Problems with mortise lock:

The inner knob may be sticky and the latch seems to stick in a less-than-extended position. So, you cannot use the key properly as it will not work the key does not work as the knob has been set to fit on a split rod that is square shaped.

#10: Again, the key does not easily move, right?

Many people use keys which are just poor copies obtained from retailers while some use keys which are worn down. So, you face difficulties when making the keys move.

So, you have got familiar with some typical Problems with Locks. If you need Locksmith Service , you can visit Miramar Locksmith Service or Lockturnal Service. Among these problems with door locks, you can easily DIY some on your own, but you have to look for professional locksmith services for some of those issues.